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Welcome to Yen-Lin Chen’s Portfolio

This is my portfolio listing all projects I’ve worked on, it’s basic, but should contain most info you may want to know :)

Web-Based Projects

Taiwan Receipt Lottery Statistic

A simple web app built with Flask framework showing the annual statistics of the Taiwan receipt lottery.

=> View it on GitHub<=

Dining Suggestion Chatbot

A serverless chatbot web app providing dining suggestions.
Built with Python 3.8, AWS Lambda, AWS Lex and Yelp API.

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Electronic Exhibition System

Designed to browse physical/virtual exhibitions online, and provide visitors digital guide book while visiting physical exhibitions. Using PHP 5, MySQL, and Unity.

=> View it on GitHub <=


Unity editor extension to test multiplayer game-play without building the project, with around 1k stars as of 7/28/2021.

=> View it on GitHub <=

Local Warfare Series

Mobile FPS games series developed with Unity, with around 3 ~ 4 million total downloads as of 7/28/2021.

Local Warfare Re: Portable (In Progress)

Around 300K downloads as of 7/28/2021.

Still working on some of the main features :)

=> View it on Google Play <=

LocalWarfare: NU

Around 800k downloads as of 7/28/2021.

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Local Warfare Portable

Around 2.8M downloads as of 7/28/2021.

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Other Projects

IOS/Anrdoid course project

Global Game Jam Projects

/More To-Be Added/